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EyeSlick Review | Brand New Online Profit Magnet

EyeSlick Review

I’m going to show you something that will allow you to walk into virtually any business, and help them get more clients and customers.

What is EyeSlick?

EyeSlick is a revolutionary new video social platform with inbuilt ecom functionality. You can stream live video from your computer, or from our iTunes/Playstore apps – or, upload prerecorded videos – or even import from YouTube.

Users can make money by selling physical or digital products from their channels, or even simply provide content and get paid when people donate and reward them – similar to sites like Patreon and Twitch.

Customers will be given licenses with the option to:

  • Activate their own ecom-ready, paid traffic enabled (funded by EyeSlick) video channels
  • Sell and/or give away licenses.
  • In short, EyeSlick is a brand new generation of live streaming. Channel creators can…
  • Sell products while live on video
  • Sell the videos themselves if they want
  • Upload premade videos
  • Sell digital or physical products and even
  • Sell their time for individual, small group or massive groups and charge automatically by the minute!
  • They can even earn money from donations made on the platform, similar to sites like Twitch or Patreon.
  • Available to stream on computer (Mac or PC)
  • And to stream and/or watch (buy and sell!) on your phone in both the Apple store and Google Play store.


Features of EyeSlick

Sell Digital or Physical Products

Easy | Quick | Profitable

Listing a product is simple to do. Just click, add your description and choose your price. Your product is live and available in our marketplace. This works for digital product owners, or even dropshippers with all the info you need available in your dashboard.

Affiliate Products, Webinar or Lead Gen

Link directly on your videos

You’re able to place links directly over your videos making sure every viewer sees your calls to action. You can add a link to:

  • Any products you’ve added to the marketplace
  • Your affiliate links
  • Lead capture pages to build your lists
  • Social media pages to grow your audience
  • ANYTHING you choose to make you money!

Sell Video Courses

Exclusive Sale | Multiple Buyers

You can use eyeSlick to upload your videos or create on the fly … and sell entire courses or playlists you create. Sell exclusive rights to them for a higher ticket price, or sell to the masses similar mega-sites like Udemy

Get Paid By The Minute

Private Coaching & Consulting

Set your price per minute and choose when you want to be available. eyeSlick will automatically deposit the money into your account in real time, as you’re live on the call.

Get Tips & Donations

Get Paid Even When You’re Not Selling

Your viewers have the option to leave tips for you, so even if you don’t list a single product eyeSlick can still earn you cash!

Import Videos From YouTube

Playlists | Instant Import | Easy Content

Want to build your channels with YouTube videos? Simply copy and paste the video URL and we’ll import the videos, title, description. All you need to do is decide how you want it to then go ahead and start making you money!

Get Paid However You Like

Paypal, Stripe and more integrations to come

All sales are processed through our eyeSlick account, so money is automatically taken from your customer and placed into your eyeSlick account in real time. When you want to withdraw your money, request and it’s yours within 3-5 business days.

Scheduling & Push Notifications

Automated inBuilt Alerts

Let everyone know when you’re going live with our inbuilt push notifications to draw in an instant audience when you add new content or when your next live session is about to begin.

Gamification & Rewards

Engaging | Fun | Authority

Whether you’ve won a competition, sold your first item, or even just joined the community, we’ve got hundreds of celebrations you and your viewers will receive to encourage engagement and interaction.

Anytime, Anywhere

PC | Mac | Android | iPhone

Broadcast live from anywhere you choose directly from your device, set up campaigns and create product listings. Everything can be done where you want in a snap!

How does EyeSlick work?

Step 1: Name Channel

Get channel licenses from this EyeSlick Review. Simply choose your niche, decide what you want to call your channel & share what you know to our global audience.

Step 2: List Product

List products or take orders for whatever you want to sell. Sell your physical goods or digital too with automatically delivered download links.

Step 3: Get Paid

Get paid on time for your time, services and products. Payment is transferred to you in real time via Paypal, wire transfer or whatever works best for you.

How can you make money with EyeSlick?

Channel owners can earn income multiple ways:

Selling live video access

For example they could do anything like offer:

  • High paying, exclusive breaking news live stream video to a news channel
  • Personalised high-end DJ streaming set to birthday parties, weddings etc.
  • One-on-one with a psychic or astrology reader
  • Small group counselling or coaching series
  • Personal fitness or business training sessions
  • Large group public or private webinar streaming
  • Personal shopper services or showcasing your eCom products
  • Real Estate agents showcasing homes with live video walkthroughs

Uploading and selling ANY videos

Teach anything, upload your existing video training materials and charge for access (or build your brand and offer it for free!)

Create and sell product reviews to one person (exclusive rights), or to multiple people

Sell entire video courses that people can then go on and sell themselves

Sell royalty free/stock videos

Receiving Donations

Viewers can even donate, similar to Twitch or Patreon where users can subscribe to receive special thank you’s or exclusive content

Front End And OTOs

Front End: EyeSlick

Two Options

Option #1: EyeSlick-  3 License ($29) >>See Details<<

Option #2: EyeSlick-  50 License ($47) >>See Details<<

OTO #1: EyeSlick VIP 

Option #1: EyeSlick VIP- 3 part payment plan ($67) >>See Details<<

Option #2: EyeSlick VIP- 6 part payment plan ($37) >>See Details<<

Option #3: EyeSlick VIP- one time ($197) >>See Details<<

  • Your Channel Will Be Permanently Pro! Get all pro perks unlocked without ever having to pay a monthly fee. ONLY available from this page during launch
  • Your Invites Will Get 6 Months Of Upgrades! The channels you share will have an added value of $48 in monthly savings.
  • Get Automatic Channel Owners Added. With our POOL, the overflow will get distributed to you. Obviously the faster you join, the more you’ll benefit!
  • 10 BONUS Channel Licenses. We’ll even add a bonus 10 channel licenses to your purchase when you grab the VIP membership today!

OTO #2: vTail Overflow ($297) >>See Details<<

Get An Extra 3% In Royalty Fees! (Total 8%!)

Bump up your handsfree income streams to a total of 8% of everything every one of your channel referrals earns! This is MASSIVE! You’ll activate new residual commissions just for inviting people to this incredible platform.

There’s no need to sell anything, support anything… do ANYTHING… Just invite and earn a cool $8 from every $100 of sales that channel processes through eyeSlick!

Get A 20% Discount On Future Invites

Your channel licenses will be very popular, so there will come a time when you run out and want more. We’ve got you covered! We’ll give you 20% off what everyone else will need to pay, making the cost of these residual income funnels even lower!

50 Extra Channel Licenses

With bigger royalties the more channels you give away, the faster you’ll see results. So we want to equip you with an extra 50 channel licenses for that extra boost towards your eyeSlick success!

I’m going to show you something that will allow you to walk into virtually any business, and help them get more clients and customers.


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